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The St. Thecla Sports Program: Putting Catholic principles into practice that help build body, mind and spirit for all.

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Physical Exam Requirement

Physical Exams

            All student athletes participating in athletics must have a current physical examination form on file with the athletic director’s office. This form must be dated after June 1st of the current school year. This form must certify that the student athlete is able to participate in athletics generally. Parents must be certain to notify respective coaches of any physical or medical issues and needs that relate to the participation of a particular student athlete.

These forms will be held on file by the athletic department during the school year.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

Student athletes who meet the following criteria are eligible to play on teams in the St. Thecla Sports Program in the following order of priority, as limited by the number of spots available on any given team:

1) A student enrolled in St. Thecla School or a baptized Catholic parishioner of St. Thecla enrolled in and attending a St. Thecla religious education program.

2) A student athlete who is a parishioner of a neighboring parish that does not have a CYO team in a given sport and whose boundaries touch St. Thecla Parish. Additionally, the student athlete must be a baptized catholic

and enrolled in or attending a religious education program.

3) An athlete who is a student at a neighboring catholic school whose school/parish does not sponsor a CYO team in a given sport.

4) All student athletes must comply with all preliminary requirements including the submission of all registration materials including registration forms, physical/medical forms, CYO contracts, player contracts, team contracts, parental consent forms, release and indemnity forms, and baptismal certificate and/or RCIA/religious enrollment verification forms.

5) All student athletes must pay all applicable fees associated with any individual sport in which they seek participation.

6) If any sport were to ever cut players, those outside the St. Thecla School and Parish would be the first to be eliminated.

Academic Requirements

Academic Requirements

            It is the policy of the St. Thecla Sports Committee that student athletes emphasize academics as a priority over their participation in any athletic endeavor. It is crucial that students make classroom work, homework and their academic progress the top priority.  Involvement in St. Thecla Sports Program never exempts a student from homework or study and can never be used as an excuse for failing to complete assignments in school.

            The St. Thecla Sports Committee mandates a required grade point average of at least 2.0 and a “B” average in conduct by all St. Thecla students, unless otherwise stipulated in a student’s education plan, as an eligibility requirement for participation in the St. Thecla Sports Program.  Religious Ed students must be in Good Standing at their school in order to participate in the St. Thecla program.



            The St. Thecla Sports Program demands that all administrators, coaches, parents, and student athletes exhibit good sportsmanship at all times. All student athletes should be guided by the overriding principle that the team is of primary importance and that the good of the team will take precedence over individual goals and desires. Understanding this as the basic construct in which the St. Thecla Sports Program functions we also require the following of our student athletes:

• To accept and understand the seriousness of your responsibility to your teammates, the privilege of representing the parish, school, community, and your family.

• To live up to the standards of sportsmanship established by the CYO, parish/school administrations and the coaching staff.

• To learn the skills and rules of the game thoroughly and to discuss them with teammates, parents, friends, and fellow students.

• To treat opponents in a manner that you would like to be treated.

• To refrain from making negative and/or derogatory remarks to your opponents before, during and after games.

• To congratulate your opponent in a sincere and forthright manner following the game regardless of the team’s success or failure.

• To respect the integrity and judgment of the game officials. The officials are human and will make mistakes. They are a necessary part of the game you are playing and they are doing their best to officiate the contest honestly and fairly.

• To win with humility and to experience defeat with grace and to endeavor to do both with dignity.

Student Athlete Conduct

Student Athlete Conduct

It is expected that all our student athletes will conduct themselves in a manner that is courteous, respectful and sportsmanlike. We expect that they will strive to adhere to the following principles:

• To always place the health, safety and welfare of yourself, your teammates and your opponents above all else.

• To always treat yourself, your teammates, your opponents, your coaches, parents, game officials and spectators with respect, courtesy and sportsmanship.

• To refrain from the use of any profane or derogatory comments.

• To always treat uniforms, equipment and athletic facilities with respect and recognize that these items and venues are expensive and are available to you as a result of the hard work and dedication of others.

• To be responsible and accountable for your actions recognizing that everyone makes mistakes but that there are consequences for the choices you make.

• To always do your best and approach your athletic pursuits with maximum effort recognizing that your talent and abilities are gifts from God that should not be wasted.

• To honor your parents and family through your participation in athletics by conducting yourself both on and off the field in the manner they expect.

• To listen to your coaches and make every effort to comply with their requests on and off the field understanding that what is demanded of you is in the best interest of the team.

• To place the interests of the team and its success above your individual goals and accomplishments.

• To recognize that all athletes have different strengths and weaknesses and to be understanding and supportive of teammates who struggle to perform at certain levels.

• To recognize that your commitment to a team means that you are part of something larger than yourself and that you have a responsibility to do all you can to contribute to your team’s success.

• To always exhibit the courage and boldness to try recognizing that only those who have never played have never failed.

• To play with appropriate competitive spirit and strive to contribute to your team’s success through winning.

• To exhibit patience and perseverance when it is not your turn or your time understanding that persistence, hard work and dedication will result in opportunity.

• To celebrate your teammates’ successes and encourage them to overcome their shortcomings.

• To always play hard, fairly and within the rules.

• To acknowledge that participation in athletics is a privilege not a right and is permitted only if you continue to recognize that God, family and your education are higher priorities.

• To celebrate winning with class and humility and endure defeat with grace and dignity.

• To always remember that your conduct on and off the field is a reflection on your family, coaches, teammates, school and Parish.

Parent Conduct

Parent Conduct

            We believe that parental participation and support is an indispensable component of the success of our athletic programs. The St. Thecla Sports community is blessed to enjoy the support of hard-working, dedicated, loyal and responsible parents. However, it would be shortsighted if we did not acknowledge that all of us can be susceptible to engaging in questionable conduct caused by our love and support for our children in the context of heated athletic contests.  In recognition of our imperfections we offer the following as a guide and

reminder of our responsibilities as adult role models:

• Always place the health, safety and welfare of all student athletes above all else.

• Always treat administrators, coaches, officials, parents, spectators and student athletes with respect and courtesy.

• Be supportive of administrators and coaches. They are volunteering their time and energy for no other purpose than to provide athletic opportunity to your child.

• Always be positive. Support your child and his/her team and refrain from using profane, derogatory or negative commentary with or towards others.

• Remember that these activities are your child’s athletic pursuits not yours.  Allow them to mold the experience to conform to their desires and aspirations.

• Always remember that you are a role model for your child and other student athletes in your presence. They will do as you do not as you say.


Team Rules for all Sports

Team Rules for all Sports


Disciplinary Action:

1) Players are to come to practice in proper attire (as defined by head coach).

1) Player not properly prepared for practice will not be allowed to participate.

2) Miss any practice during week with no game.

2) Players playing time will be reduced in future games.

3) Miss one practice in week with a game.

3) Player cannot start in next game and playing time will be reduced.

4) Miss more than one practice in week with a game.

4) Player cannot play in next game.

5) Show up late for a practice.

5) Player will be disciplined as per coaches’ discretion.

6) Game day, all players must be at game location and ready to participate 30 minutes (or time coach indicates) prior to scheduled game time.

6) Player will not start in game and playing time will be reduced.

7) Missed game, treated as a missed practice.

7) See missed practice disciplinary action.

Exception for missed practice:

Players will NOT be penalized for missed practices due to the Spring Play.

Please notify head coach prior to your practice time if you will not be at practice.

Note: If player is absent from school he/ she will not be allowed to participate in practice or game for that day.

A missed practice is defined as not being in attendance at practice. A week is defined Monday – Sunday, this is consistent with a CYO week for eligibility.






Disciplinary Action:

1) If during a practice.


1) Player cannot start in next game and playing time will be reduced.

2) If during a game.

2) Benched for remainder of game.

3) For a 2nd offense of either of the above.

3) Player cannot start in next game and playing time will be reduced.

Respect should always be displayed                                         


Disciplinary Action:

1) To all team coaches.

1) Player cannot start in next game and playing time will be reduced.

2) To all teammates.

2) Player cannot start in next game and playing time will be reduced.

3) To opposing coaches.

3) Benched for remainder of game.

4) To opposing team players.

4) Benched for remainder of game.

5) To all officials.

5) Benched for remainder of game.

6) For a 2nd offense of either of the above.

6) Player not allowed to play in next game.

Dress code on game day


Disciplinary Action:

All Players are representing St. Thecla when participating in both home and away games and as such should come to all games dressed appropriately in neat and clean clothing with no controversial wording or symbols on the clothing. Players are encouraged to wear their uniforms to games so that changing in the locker room is not necessary. Sweats are acceptable.

Not Applicable

Player disruptions                                                  


Disciplinary Action:

1) If during a practice.

1) Player will be disciplined as per coaches’ discretion.

2) If during a game.

2) Player’s playing time will be reduced.

3) For a 2nd offense of either of the above.

3) Player can not start in next game and playing time will be reduced.

4) For a 3rd offense of either of the above.

4) Player not allowed to play in next game.





1) All players need to be serious about their commitment to the team. If a player continuously misses practices and games (more than 6 practices or more than 2 games in a season) disciplinary action: first meeting with parent, coach, Sport Coordinator and Athletic Director to understand reason, if the problem continues disciplinary action will be taken, up to and including removal from the team.


1) Need to be aware of all team rules and understand that this is not only a child agreement, but a parent commitment as well. Some of the above rules are really controlled by the parents – coach will enforce based on previous noted guidelines.

2) Are to discuss any issues or concerns they may have regarding the team with the coach and not in front of any players, if not satisfied with discussion parents are to follow the guideline on addressing disputes (as received at time of registration – if misplaced please contact Athletic Director).

3) Are encouraged to attend all games and cheer the entire team (all players) in a positive manner, they are not to coach their child from the sidelines/ stands as this may result in conflicting game plan as defined by coach – leave the coaching to the coaches.

Odds & Ends


Disciplinary Action:

1) If player is being disciplined for a rule violation resulting in a “Player can not play in next game”, player must attend game he/she is being disciplined for.

1) If player does not attend game he/she will be re-disciplined for the following game with a “Player can not play in next game”.

2) As gym/ field practice time slots are limited, players need to quickly gather belongings and parents need to be on time to pick up their children to avoid any disruptions for next team practicing.

2) Continuous issues will lead to team reduction of practice time and player who continuously violates this will be disciplined up to and including removal from the team.

3) Players must have proper uniform on game day.

3) Any player not in proper uniform on game day will not be allowed to play in game.

Playing time: (assuming no other team rules infractions)

5/6 Grade Level:

7/8 Grade Level:

Soccer/ Volleyball/ Baseball/ Softball – all players shall appear in all games.

Basketball - all players must appear in 2 quarters and no player can play in all 4 quarters as outlined by CYO.

The program’s philosophy is to encourage all coaches to attempt to play every player in each game; however, circumstances in the game may prohibit the coach from playing all players. Playing time at the 7th and 8th grade level is determined by the coach.


Enforcement of these rules is the responsibility of the Head Coach

Head Coaches must inform Athletic Director any violations to Team Rules. 

Volunteer Requirements

Volunteer Requirements

All parents of student athletes will be required to complete a specific number of volunteer hours per athlete, per season. Each additional child will add additional volunteer hours, per season.

Fall Sports: 3 hours (1 additional hour per additional child)

Winter Sports: 4 hours (2 additional hours per additional child)

Spring Sports: 2 hours (1 additional hour per additional child)

Parents and/or family members who are an assigned head coach or assistant coach roles will have all volunteer hours waived for that season, per approval of the athletic department.

Incomplete volunteer hour non-volunteer fees

-        Families who complete zero volunteer hours will be subject to a $100 non-volunteer fee.

-        Families who complete between 0-50% of their hours will be subject to a $50 non-volunteer fee.

-        Families who complete between 51%-99% of their hours will be subject to a $40 non-volunteer fee.

When a family is issued a non-volunteer fee, that family’s student-athlete(s) are ineligible to register or play any sport or participate in any team activity until the fine is paid in full to the athletic department.

Conflict Resolution Policy

Conflict Resolution Policy

            It is inevitable that conflicts will occasionally arise among the adult participants in our Sports Program. We respectfully request that the following principles and procedures be acknowledged and followed in the resolution of these conflicts:

• Always acknowledge the interests of our individual student athletes and our teams as the top priority in resolving conflict.

• Approach conflict resolution with poise and respect.

• Be willing to engage in reasonable compromise to resolve conflict.

• Allow 24 to 48 hours as a “cooling off period” before approaching others to resolve conflict.

• Refrain from gossip and rumor mongering in the process of resolving conflict.

• Never engage in the use of profanity or demeaning commentary in conflict resolution.

• Speak directly with the coach or adult with whom the conflict exists as a first step in resolving differences.

• If conflict cannot be resolved on an individual basis approach the Athletic Director as a second step in attempted resolution.

• If conflict cannot be resolved by addressing concerns with the Athletic Director then the Sports Committee will become involved as the final arbiter of any dispute.


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